EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Filgo and Jackie Filgo have left ABC’s comedy hopeful Awkward Situations For Men. The hybrid comedy starring popular British humorist/on-air personality Danny Wallace is one of 3 pilots from this past development season ABC is making new pilots for, along with How To Be a Better American and Wright vs. Wrong. That ’70s Show veterans Jeff & Jackie Filgo wrote the original pilot with Wallace and served as executive producers/showrunners. Warner Bros. TV, which produces the project, will presumably bring in a new showrunner to replace them for the reworked pilot. Inspired by Wallace’s book Awkward Situations for Men, the ABC project follows him as he moves to the U.S. with his wife, only to discover that his everyday behavior clashes with American values and gets him into trouble. WBTV recently extended the options on Wallace and his co-stars on the show Tony Hale and Laura Prepon.