Angelina Jolie On The Set Of 'Salt' In Washington D.C.FX has acquired the TV rights of Salt, Sony Pictures’ upcoming action feature starring Angelina Jolie. With great reviews and promising early tracking, the Phillip Noyce-directed Salt is posed for a big opening weekend when it is released on Friday. The license fee FX would be paying for the movie is tied to its boxoffice performance and could be as much as 12% of Salt‘s domestic box-office tally if the the movie reaches a blockbuster status as expected. At FX, Salt will premiere in late 2012 along with other recent action film acquisitions by the cable network, including The Karate Kid, also from Sony, Iron Man 2 and Knight and Day, the movie Tom Cruise chose to do after exiting Salt, a move that promted the gender change of the lead for Jolie.