comicon1Luke Y Thompson covers the Con for Deadline:

I’ve always been amazed at Comic-Con just how crazy the fans can go for giant tote bags featuring a picture of Wonder Woman. But maybe it’s because there are so many overpriced exclusives from various vendors that the free ones are duly appreciated. For the past four years, Warner Bros Entertainment’s limited-edition, signature oversize canvas tote bags have been a must-have at Comic-Con, with tens of thousands of fans flocking to the WB booth on the convention floor to snag what is often called the Con’s “ubiquitous accessory.”

fringeconCertainly, these large bags – which have featured Warner Bros/DC-related images other than the Amazing Amazon – are a tad sturdier than the plastic bags full of bargain toys I generally end up carrying around, but I’ve never quite felt up to battling the mob for one. This year, looks like I don’t have to because they’re no longer first-come, first-served. WB has made its giant bags part of an official partnership with Comic-Con. Sign in, and you automatically get one. No more fights at the WB booth for ‘em (though no doubt they’ll have other stuff you want, too). On one side of the bag will be artwork created for Comic-Con. On the other… well, here’s where it gets interesting for collectors, and the possibilities for new feeding frenzies begin.

Scooby-Doo_Mystery_IncorporatedSee, there are a whopping 11 random designs (official site is here.) and you, the attendee, get only one. You want all of them? You’d better make some friends, quickly. The 11 images are: “The Big Bang Theory,” “Chuck,” “Fringe,” “Human Target,” “Nikita,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” “The Looney Tunes Show,”
“Scooby-Doo!”, “Clash of the Titans”, or “Brightest Day”. presents an exclusive close-up look at two of the designs: One features the TV show FRINGE, while the other presents the cast of a brand-new SCOOBY-DOO cartoon, featuring the old gang drawn in that angular pseudo-anime style that’s popular nowadays: