twilight-saga-eclipse-posterUPDATED: Summit Entertainment is disclosing that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE had “an incredible start” overseas. Despite great weather and the World Cup, ECLIPSE launched with an estimated $19M from 22 markets. The only major territories that opened on June 30th were Italy, Brazil, and CIS. Other majors like Spain, Australia and Mexico launch today. France, Germany, S. Korea and Japan will launch in the weeks to come. Here are some highlights of opening day results:

ITALY – No. 1 and the 3rd best opening of all time with an estimated €2.550M and counting from 638 playdates. ECLIPSE outgrossed the opening day of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and ICE AGE 3D and outperformed NEW MOON’s opening of €1.934M.

BELGIUM – No. 1, the highest opening day of all time ousting HARRY POTTER 5 (587K Euros) and outperforming HARRY POTTER 1,2,3,4. The opening day grossed an estimated €875K and counting, with approx 89K+ admissions, including the super successful midnight shows

BRAZIL – An incredible No. 1 start in Brazil with an estimated 4.3M Reals from 310 play dates. The opening day was stronger than that of HARRY POTTER’s 4.015M Reals. ECLIPSE has also bested NEW MOON’s opening day which tallied 3.7M Reals.

Also, off to a roaring start. Day1 totaled 122M RR (~$3.9M USD) with 729,785 admissions. More than double NEW MOON’s opening day of 50,479,306 RR ($1.8M) with 313,124 admissions.

S. AFRICA (plus East & West African territories) – Highest grossing ever Wednesday opening in S. Africa. The opening day grossed R2 301 525 lc from 75 playdates. Midnight screenings took 549 454 lc from 22 sites. This is 3% bigger than the NEW MOON midnight screenings. Total cume to date for SA is R2 850 979 lc and market cume for all of Africa is R2 887 293 lc.

THE PHILIPPINES – ECLIPSE off to a record-breaking start in The Philippines, grossing an estimated 57M pesos, this not only surpasses NEW MOON’s opening day of 35M pesos, but also should beat out SPIDERMAN 3 (55M pesos) to become the highest opening day of all time.

TURKEY – It was a record-breaking opening day for ECLIPSE in Turkey, garnering 126.916 admissions and 1.045.547,5 TL GBO from 376 playdates. Comparatively, this marks a radical 42% increase in admissions and 22% increase in GBO from NEW MOON. Now ECLIPSE had the all time best opening Wednesday for a foreign film.

SPAIN (July 1st opening) – Another No. 1 opening with €1.6M from 1014. Night and Midnight screenings garnered over €1.08M. Opening day grosses are ahead of LOTR III. Grosses from the first two screenings has over performed NEW MOON by + 52% with the same number of screenings.

GREECE – Day 1 results totaled 448,905€ with 51,012 admissions off 118 screens. This represents a growth of more than 50% from NEW MOON’s opening and more than triples TWILIGHT’s first day. Ranks as fifth in the top opening box office day in the last five seasons.

HUNGARY – ECLIPSE’s opening day Wednesday had 27,494 admissions with box office of 30,401,530 HUF from 43 prints. Including midnight screening previews, Hungary is currently at 36,858 admissions with a box office of 41,396,740 HUF or approximately $177K. As the standard release date in Hungary is Thursday, this Wednesday result has more than tripled TWILIGHT’s opening weekend admissions of 10,019 and opening week’s admissions of 13,588.

POLAND – ECLIPSE is off to a fantastic start in Poland. Wednesday (including midnight screenings) resulted in 120,744 admissions in Poland with a box office of 1,900,301 PLN ($562K USD) on 144 prints. The title was screened in three cinema chains: Cinema City, Multikino, and Helios on 144 prints. This result is more than TWILIGHT’s entire opening weekend box office (1,545,735 PLN / 88,848 adm). ECLIPSE opening day is 13% more than NEW MOON’s opening day (1,680,347 PLN / 107,905 adm). NEW MOON had a more concentrated 3 day weekend opening on a Friday.

NORWAY – ECLIPSE opened in Norway with 62.873 adm, including midnight screening and a B.O 5,496,841 NOK. This result bests NEW MOON, which tallied 5,140,659 NOK and opened on a Friday!

DENMARK – ECLISPE continued to dominate with 41,890 adm and a BO of 4,512,431 and 58,897 adm off 80 playdates, outdoing NEW MOON’s Friday opening of 3.26M DKK from 43.173 admissions off 65 playdates.

SWEDEN – ECLIPSE opened with 8,131,813 SEK from 79,483 admissions. This looks to be the best Wednesday opening ever in Sweden and the second best opening day ever after Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix. NEW MOON brought in 6,410,153 on its opening day (including midnights).

FINLAND – ECLIPSE’s opening day cume was 272.707€ from 32K admission and 87 playdates. This is the second biggest Wednesday opening ever, behind RETURN OF THE KING (304.601€), and ahead of THE TWO TOWERS (240.602€).