Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for Deadline:

Sony Pictures’ THE OTHER GUYS is that cop comedy with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as an awkward buddy duo in the shadow of Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. The panel features Will Ferrell, Eva Mendes, Adam McKay, and Mark Wahlberg. McKay introduces footage, saying it features some stuff you won’t see in the movie, and some you will. It’s an expansion of the existing trailer, with way more profanity. When Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L Jackson slam their car into a bus, for example, Sam says “Somebody call 9-1-Holy Shit!”

Scene with Damon Wayans Jr. and Rob Riggle talking to elementary school students telling them most of them are dead already. Wayans advises, “Try your hardest not to be black or Hispanic.” Riggle: “Yeah, that’s who we go for first.” There’s a call on the radio, and Riggle asks which kids want to ride along to a dangerous shootout.

– Bit where Wayans and Riggle trick Ferrell into firing his gun in the office, as a hazing ritual.

– Scenes with Mendes looking hot, and Ferrell calling her the ball and chain.

– Ferrell’s car is stolen, and found…cops who find it mention they found a note indicating it was used by homeless men for an orgy…”It’s called a soup kitchen.” Also find animal parts in there, including deer vagina.

– Ferrell is given a wooden gun by captain Michael Keaton, because he can’t be trusted with his own.

– Steve Coogan keeps bribing Ferrell and Wahlberg with tickets…first to Lakers, then the musical “Jersey Boys”.

– Ferrell and Wahlberg run into the hobos later, who rub their dicks against his car.

– A drunken night of debauchery is depicted in bullet time.

– Wayans, to perps: “Hope you like the taste of prison food…and penis!”

– Ferrell has an old lady fetish, can only be attracted to Mendes when she dresses like one.

– Big explosion; Ferrell reacts by saying, “I feel like the devil walked up and punched me right in the dick!”

Clip ends. Ferrell is in tears.

McKay: “Are you crying?”

Ferrell: “I wish the movie wasn’t coming out!” Pause, then…”It’s really sad when you’re laughing at your own trailer that hard.”

The Audience Q&A had jokes coming so fast and furious that it was impossible to get them all. I did my best:

The movie was Adam’s idea, after dinner with Mark and Will, about the guys with the desk next to the superstar cops.

Mendes: “It was my idea to get the hot piece of ass that is Will Ferrell.”

Adam says it was originally a three-character bit, with Ben Kingsley, “but Ben’s been having troubles lately…he showed up drunk a lot on set.”

What are Will’s favorite quotes? “I wanna be on you.” He adds, “By the way, it is a pleasure to be here in the whale’s vagina.” Other fave lines include, “you’re my boy, blue.” But “mostly I get ‘Please don’t touch me.’”

Eva is asked how it was to work with Will. “The truth is, in person he’s just not that funny. No, you kidding me? It was hilarious.”

What was it like for Adam to direct action? “It’s just pure geek heaven, and you just hope it doesn’t suck.”

Will ANCHORMAN 2 happen? Adam says it will be a one-woman show starring Eva Mendes.

What is Will’s favorite role? “The funeral director in DROWNING MONA.” But more seriously, probably Ron Burgundy, because it took three years to get people interested in that character.

A geeky teenage boy comes up to ask a question. Eva says he’s adorable. Dude tells her he’s available. She asks if he’s legal. He says he’s 16. Wahlberg starts making masturbation jokes, offers them his room at the Hard Rock. Boy’s mom says Eva is adorable. This goes on a while.

One guy’s voice cracks as he asks Will about action training. Will starts mocking the guy’s voice to the point of incomprehensibility, then says, “Mark did most of the action; I just stood there and said ‘Look out!’”

A woman in the audience pulls a Chris Farley, saying Will’s role as Marshall Willenholly in the Kevin Smith movie was awesome, as was his role as Marshall in LAND OF THE LOST. Then she asks if he’ll work with Chris Kattan again. Ferrell answers awkwardly that he doesn’t know, hopefully soon.

Does Ferrell have any hidden talents? “Tell ’em about your tongue-wrestling skills!” says Wahlberg. Ferrell notes that he is a bit of a gourmet chef, and his signature recipes include Chili Pot Pie. McKay complains, “He uses a lot of Crisco in his Thai food, which just does not work at all.” Ferrel;l asks why McKay ate all of it, then. McKay says it was always a big burned ball that sometimes contained M&Ms and coins. Ferrell says everyone’s taste is different.

Asked what the challenges of the movie were, McKay says that making financial fraud interesting was hard, but that Steve Coogan was a big help. Also that Mark Wahlberg’s contract called for a full gym in his trailer, plus animal cages, and a bouncy castle, to the tune of $14 million, while Ferrell only requires a U-Haul and a bucket of 7-Up.

Fan asks if Mark really speaks Hebrew. He does, and says some things to Ferrell. “Tell him what I just said.” Fan says “He called you a son of a bitch, and fuck you.” Wahlberg goes “L’Chaim!”

What’s on Will’s bucket list? “I still hope to one day have a 52-inch vertical leap. I’m still working on my novel, I’m about 7,000 pages into it…It’s called ‘Kickin’ Ass,’ it’s in Aramaic.”

McKay introduces a new trailer for a movie he and Ferrell are presenting called THE VIRGINITY HIT. Looks a bit like SUPERBAD, but with the Cera character trying to lose his virginity and record it, only to fail and have his failures repeatedly posted to Youtube. This is an odd trailer. I was expecting a joke, but it’s not. Seems potentially creepy and sad, actually.