Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for Deadline:

There was some talk that this Universal panel might not happen, due to that apparent pen stabbing incident in Hall H prior. A hip-hop beat starts up, as Jon Favreau makes an entrance. He has an announcement to make: although it had been out there that COWBOYS AND ALIENS would be shot in 3D, he’s not going to do that. He says it’s because 3D movies need to be filmed digitally, and he believes westerns should be shot on film. “Take the money you save and see it twice!” He brings out yet another loaded panel: Daniel Craig! Olivia Wilde! Sam Rockwell! Adam Beach! Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci! And for the first Comic-Con ever, believe it or not…Harrison Ford!

UPDATE: Ford makes an entrance accompanied by security guards, in handcuffs, looking sheepish. (This was a pre-planned gag.) Massive standing ovation for Ford, who responds, “I just wanted to make a living as an actor.”

Daniel Craig says there’s no new info on Bond. “I just want to get going on it as quickly as possible.”

Tonally, Favreau wanted to “make a by-the-book western, play it straight”. Cites John Ford and Sergio Leone as inspirations. But he also wanted to mix it with straight sci-fi verging on horror, like the ones he grew up with. They’ve only been shooting for a month, but he has some footage to show.

– An old west town. Craig rides in on a horse, his face looking beaten up. He dismounts, finds an empty-looking house, and peers in the window. Opens the door. Fills a wash-basin with water, and washes his hands.

– There’s a strange, sci-fi style wrist cuff on him. He opens his vest – there’s what appears to be a stab wound. Drinks some whiskey.

– Then a gun is pointed at his head. “Palms to Heaven, friend.” It’s Clancy Brown! Cool. He takes Craig’s gun.

– Craig: “I’ve been shot.” Brown: “Only two types of men get shot: criminals, and victims. Well, which one are ya?” “I dunno.” New scene: Craig in jail, in a cell next to Paul Dano, who spits on him. Craig reaches through the bars and slams Dano’s head into them, hard.

– Craig is taken outside to a paddy-wagon. Shackled to Dano by the wrist. A mob with torches approaches, led by Ford. “I come for my boy, John.” Dano is his kid, it seems, though every time he tries to talk, Ford yells “SHUT UP!” in that growly way he does so well.

– Distant lights appear in the sky. They get closer, then disappear.

– And all of a sudden they open fire with laser weapons. The town erupts in flames. People run.

– Now the wrist device on Craig starts glowing with blue lights. He points it at the sky, and a digital targeting display appears. He fires what is now clearly an alien weapon, and it’s a direct hit. One of the UFOs crashes. (UFO looks a lot like a Cylon Raider from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA). Task achieved, the wrist device shuts itself down.

Very polished footage, considering how soon it is. General consensus among fans seemed to be that this was one of the best things shown at Con. That was all for the panel – a lot of big names to bring out for almost no Q&A, but the show was running late.