twilight-new-moonDeadline recently delved into the potential career calamity of quotes from Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Now, it seems restraint has gone out the window. Each day brings a dopey new pull-quote that makes you wonder: what the hell are these people thinking? While Kristen Stewart’s reps negotiated a two-picture salary for the Twilight finale that I hear will pay her in the neighborhood north of $12.5 million each, she gave a now infamous interview and likened paparazzi intrusion to rape. Co-star Rob Pattinson was just quoted doubting he won’t live past 30–he got a similar payday, giving him more incentive toward living to ripe old age than most people have. The websites this week are fixated on Cameron Diaz’s Playboy interview timed with Knight and Day. All the attention is on her unladylike graphic description of her sexual appetite and craving caveman-quality bedroom encounters. I’ve done plenty of celebrity magazine interviews and when actors rant, you’re grateful. Maybe there’s an increased desperation to get attention for films, but these stars seem to forget their words haunt them long after the movie is forgotten. Stewart apologized, and I sympathize with her struggle with intrusive fame few actors her age experience. But, c’mon already.Knight_and_Day(movie_wallpaper_pictures_photo_pics_poster)(260110092135)knight-and-day_innocenti_bugie_tom_cruise_cameron_diaz_1

Fox, whose past quotes factored into her being replaced in Transformers 3, has been relatively quiet in the run-up to the release of Jonah Hex. But her past outrageous comments have the industry wondering about her future, particularly if Jonah Hex doesn’t open.

Will those outrageous Diaz comments help Knight and Day? The picture could use help despite Tom Cruise–long past his Oprah couch-jumping stint–doing a textbook leading man job of promotion. That included three months prepping those filmed segments on the MTV Movie Awards, hatched as an alternative to hosting. It seemed a smart way to plug Knight and Day into the youth demo, but the picture still doesn’t seem to have the kind of awareness that presages a big opening weekend. Cruise’s relentless campaign was credited in helping turn around bad buzz on the $200 million global grosser Valkryie. This summer, execs all over town are scratching their heads and second-guessing everything.