U.S. reality producer A. Smith & Co (Hell’s Kitchen) has formed partnership with Japanese production company Taiyo Kikaku, marking the first venture between an U.S. and Japanese pure TV production companies. The alliance stems from the two companies’ collaboration on the ABC series I Survived a Japanese Game Show, which became the first American show to be filmed entirely in Japan. As part of the alliance, A. Smith & Co. will adapt Taiyo Kikaku’s formats in the US and other regions, while Taiyo Kikaku will convert A. Smith & Co.’s formats for Japan and other Asian territories. Additionally, the two companies will collaborate on  developing and producing new programs. “There are 75 ideas we’re analyzing together, looking for shows that would work both in the U.S. and Japan,” Arthur Smith said. Under the terms of the co-venture, both companies will also develop and distribute properties and formats created by third parties.