Peter_BazalgetteThe non-executive chairman of two of Sony’s UK television divisions – one of which is Simon Cowell’s Syco — is probably the most colourful character on the scene. “Baz”, as he is known, was chief creative officer of Endemol until 2007. He imported Big Brother from the Netherlands, pretty much inventing reality TV. And he personally dreamt up the Ready Steady Cook and Changing Rooms formats, which have sold around the world. The Daily Mail named him Royal_Television_Societyas one of the “Ten Worst Britons” for Endemol’s reality show The Farm, in which David Beckham’s ex-lover became intimate with a pig. And the London Evening Standard huffed that Bazalgette has “done more to debase television over the past decade than anyone else”. To me, he always comes across as if he’s vastly enjoying some private joke, which he hasn’t shared with anybody else.