SURPRISE! CNN Talking To Joy Behar About Replacing Larry King

larry-kingWhen Larry King steps down from his CNN gig later this year, he’ll need something to fill his downtime. Bagels will play a role. Just before he announced his exit, King closed a deal to become a financial partner in The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, a Florida-based enterprise that claims to have developed a water treatment technology that replicates the H2O from the New York borough that is the key to churning out bagels that taste like they were made in Brooklyn. (I’m not kidding). nate&als-lg-22589843King will lend his name and his stature to an expansion effort that will bring an eatery to Beverly Hills, and franchises could spring up around the country. It all might lead to a public offering. While there are plenty of transplanted New Yorkers who might spark to a bagel that tastes like home, there’s no telling how a bagel joint will catch on in carbohydrate-averse Beverly Hills. King’s biggest problem, though, will be explaining himself to the breakfast crew at Nate N’ Al, the venerable Beverly Hills deli where King has been a morning fixture for years.