New Adventures Of Old ChristineThere will be no new adventures for Old Christine on ABC or anywhere else. After several attempts to make a deal for the cancelled CBS comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus at ABC, producer Warner Bros. TV has pulled the plug. The show’s fifth season finale, which aired on CBS last month, was indeed the series finale. Starting in the fall, fans of The New Adventures of Old Christine will be able to catch old episodes on Lifetime and on broadcast stations, which will launch the series in syndication. As for ABC, the network had showed strong interest in picking up Old Christine for the past three years. But when the show finally became available this year, a deal proved impossible to make as ABC was said to be unwilling to pay the high license fee needed to keep the veteran comedy series going. ABC also passed on picking up the cancelled CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, while TNT declined to extend the life of  NBC’s Law & Order.

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