OMFG, the CW is doing its first ever Emmy campaign. Well, actually, it is not a full-blown Emmy campaign but a splashy insert in the upcoming Emmy magazine that will raise eyebrows. FYC_BROCHURE_V3smlBecause it borrows from CW’s racy 2008 “OMFG” marketing campaign for Gossip Girl for its campaign slogan: “OMFG FYC.” The brochure, a brainchild of  Warner Bros. TV Group’s chief marketing officer Lisa Gregorian, also includes a DVD with promo trailers for Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Smallville and Supernatural cut specifically for the Emmy stint.

CW, as well as predecessor the WB, have never been Emmy darlings, with all of their shows, including critically praised Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and Everwood, consistently shut out. “Historically, shows that are targeted to that (younger) demographic are often times overlooked,” Gregorian said. “What we are trying to say to Emmy voters is: don’t not consider these unique and innovative shows because the audience they are produced for is younger. We think it’s great quality TV, and good TV deserves to be recognized.”

In their maiden Emmy promotion for the CW, the marketing team was looking to be provocative. Playing off the network’s image of a place where all characters are young an pretty, they considered another Emmy campaign slogan: “Beautiful people deserve Emmys too,” before settling on OMFG.

Well, CW will certainly get the attention of Emmy voters who open Emmy magazine. And if they don’t quite appreciate the ad and the promos, their teen kids or grandkids probably will.