carrie-fisherEXCLUSIVE: Carrie Fisher just filmed a guest shot for HBO’s Hollywood-centric comedy Entourage. In a role, which may recur, she plays Anna Fowler, a reporter working for Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood. The breakdown for the Anna Fowler character created a stir in some gossip-obsessed Hollywood circles, especially since HBO is prepping another comedy project, Tilda, whose title character played by Diane Keaton has drawn comparisons to Nikki. This will not be the first mention of Nikki on Entourage. “I’ll fuck Nikki Finke before I let her affect my business decisions,” was a line from last season. Entourage returns for Season 7 on June 27.

Earlier today, HBO announced Fisher’s hit stage production Wishful Drinking, based on her autobiographical book, is being produced for TV as a feature-length documentary by HBO and World of Wonder Prods. The special will combine elements of her one-woman stage performance, to be taped June 25 before a live audience at the South Orange Performing Arts Center in South Orange, NJ, with archival footage and interviews with friends and family, the network said.