So poor Joe Carnahan, who’s now officially unhireable as a director, recently gave an interview where he hilariously goes off on me because of what I’d written about The A-Team and its 11 writers and its lousy box office last weekend:

carnahan finke“She’s an idiot. You’ve got this fuckin’ moron who, I believe, her influence doesn’t stretch west of Bundy. I just think this town… But 99.999% of people outside of Hollywood have no fuckin’ idea who she is, or will miss her when she’s gone. She’s someone I really want to see, she’s got to, go down in flames. I just think she’s a miserable… That’s someone who’s antithetical to every good thing about this business, Nikki Finke. That’s why I don’t engage. I think she’s a putz. I can just see her surrounded by like 47 cats and, yes, she hasn’t been laid in about 17 years. And that’s fine. It’s unfortunate that she knows nothing and she just spits out venom and expects people to kind of circle the wagons. I swear to god the sun will set on her sooner rather than later, guaranteed. People like that don’t make it.”