Wickie the VikingThe British sales agent is selling international rights to Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods, sequel to last year’s top German film. Wickie the Mighty Viking got five million cinemagoers through the turnstiles. Distributor Constantin Film hopes this 3D sequel, due to being shooting on location in Malta and Germany this summer, will do the same kind of business. Christian Ditter is the director and the producer is Christian Becker of Rat Pack. Timeless Films is former Odyssey Entertainment boss Ralph Kamp’s family film sales agency. Kamp also runs sales agency Metropolis out of UK financier Prescience. Timeless is carving something of a niche for itself in 3D animated movies: apart from its Viking sequel, it’s also selling 3D features about astronaut chimpanzees, a singing postman and animals teaming up against an evil dam construction.