People Roger EbertThe film critic Roger Ebert and actress Demi Moore are looking to write their memoirs. Ebert has set a deal with Grand Central Publishing for a book that will include his run with At the Movies co-host Gene Siskel,  the battle against cancer that robbed him of speech but not his fire as a writer, and his stints as the screenwriter of the films Beneath the Valley of the Dolls, and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens. I always felt that Ebert’s appreciation of B-fare has been one of the reasons his intelligent reviews aren’t condescending.  That book’s coming in fall, 2011.

At the same time, Demi Moore has Janklow-Nesbit  shopping her memoirs.  She certainly has a story to tell, from her ascension from the Brat Pack to superstar status after Ghost and A Few Good Men (she was momentarily Hollywood’s top-paid actress, unfortunately in the bomb Striptease), to her relationships with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher and her decision to pull away from the studio machine to raise her family. demi-moore-20061202-184839Moore also went through a self-indulgent period after she became a superstar. I can recall writing in my Variety column about how she arrived at an airport to be flown by private jet to a press junket for one of her films. She took a look at the jet, decided it wasn’t big enough for her luggage and companions, and ordered it sent back for a bigger one. As I recall, the film company Castle Rock got a big bill and was hardly pleased. Those were the  good old days when stars really called the shots.