abc_logo1.thumbnailI hear it’s over for ABC’s comedy pilot It Takes A Village. The network, which has so far picked up three comedy pilots, Better Together, Mr. Sunshine, and Happy Endings, is rumored to be picking up two more new comedy series. Wright Vs. Wrong had been considered the leading contender, possibly competing for a spot with It Takes A Village. The Debra Messing-starring Wright Vs. Wrong is still actively searching for a showrunner. It didn’t get an order along with the two new ABC dramas that were picked up today, Body of Proof and Off The Map. There is speculation that ABC might be waiting to see if The New Adventure of Old Christine would be renewed by CBS. ABC has been pursuing the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom for the past three years and is said to be interested in picking up the series if CBS passes, possibly to pair it with another female-centered family comedy starring a sitcom veteran, The Middle.