Katy Perry kicks off the proceedings with a great two-song set and an announcement that her California Gurls will be used for the CW’s summer marketing campaign. She also slipped in the F-word. “What, it’s too early to get on your f**king feet and have a good time?,” she asked. (It was kinda early, 11AM.) The audience obliges.

CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff comes out. “We have stability on the schedule and not that many holes to fill,” she says.

Ostroff plays trailers for new fall series Nikita and Hellcats and new makeover summer reality series Plain Jane. All look good (Maggie Q looks stunning in a red bikini) and play well, with cheerleading drama Hellcats emerging as the biggest crowd pleaser. A big cheer (ha!) from the audience. Ostroff set up the Hellcats video by showing pictures of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former President George W. Bush and actress Cameron Diaz and asking what the three have in common. Yes, they are all former cheerleaders.

“Monday through Friday for the first time in the history of the CW will be all-original programming,” Ostroff says.

Most new nightly lineups were introduced with cast members from each of the shows appearing together on the stage. The setup was cute though the banter was not always that sharp.

Here are Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl and AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 talking about the new Monday block.

Crawford: “Monday will be all about West Coast and East Coast.”

McCord: “I’m so exited I get to be at the beach… in a bikini.

Crawford: “I’m good with the Hamptons and Central Park.”

McCord: “Lakers”

Crawford: “Yankees”

Nikita star Maggie Q is terrific. And funny. Unlike the others, she doesn’t read off the teleprompter.

“You can’t imagine how good looking it is backstage,” she says self-consciously, referring to the good looks of all CW casts. “I had to push the A cups up a little,” she added, adjusting her top. “We do exist.”SFTW_Page_A01_wTYPE

The biggest chuckle at the presentation was triggered by a promotional slide for the midseason reality series Shedding For The Wedding, which has overweight couples competing to lose weight as they prepare for their wedding. Judge for yourself (copy on right)