cbslogosmaller.thumbnailRefresh for live blogging: CBS opens its presentation at Carnegie Hall with an animated promo clip for the CBS series to the theme music of The Big Bang Theory. As he promised this morning, CBS president and CEO Les Moonves opened with the Two And A Half Men joke: “I’m happy I didn’t have to come out here and try to sell you One And A Half Men.”

A rap music video clip of CBS scheduling guru David Poltrack follows, built on audio to Poltrack’s comments at an investor conference where he gets pretty heated questioning accuracy of research data on broadcast TV, including  shouting out “This is a bullshit number!”

“Last year, we had LL Cool J on stage, this year we have David Poltrack,” Moonves says.

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons comes out as his character Sheldon Cooper and gives scientific evidence why advertisers are important.

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler begins showing trailers from the new shows. First off, new comedy Mike & Molly. A lot of laughs and a huge applause.

New comedy $#! My Dad Says starring William Shatner does well. Shatner comes out. “I assumed I’d get to Carnegie Hall based on my singing abilities,” Shatner said. Sheldon comes out on stage and hugs Shatner. “I have so much to ask you,” Sheldon says and both walk away.

On the drama side the Jerry O’Connel-Jim Belushi starrer The Defenders, which Tassler described as “more of a bromance than a legal drama,” looks mildly amusing and the trailed does fine. Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck looks like a standard cop drama. Last but not least, Hawaii Five-O. At first blush, it looks fine and expensive, with a lot of explosions and stunts. And yes, the original music is back with a new arrangement.

Closing words from Tassler and the presentation ends. No big music number like in years past when Elton John, The Who and Gloria Gaynor took the stage.