Epix300EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned the rest of the EPIX slate. Oscar winner David S. Ward, 3-time Oscar nominee Todd Field, and Emmy winners Todd Holland and Lawrence O’Donnell have signed original scripted comedy and drama development deals with this 4th place pay channel that’s a joint venture among Viacom, Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM. This follows previously announced deals with Oliver Stone for Still Holding and Larry Charles for ICon.

THE SUPREMES: David S. Ward (The Sting, co-writer of Sleepless in Seattle) joins Jeffrey Fiskin and Emmy winner Lawrence O’Donnell and Marie-Louise White developing this one-hour drama about a Supreme Court clerk and the ripple effect of a single case inside Washington DC’s halls of power. Jim Lampley and Adam Fratto are also attached.

UNTITLED PENTHOUSE PROJECT: Writer/director/producer Todd Field (In The Bedroom, Little Children) collaborates with writer Evan Bleiweiss on the one-hour drama, inspired by the true story of a young guy who goes to work for Penthouse Magazine and Bob Guccione. Also developing are Fox 21 with Executive Producers Marty Adelstein and Michael Thorn. (In the 1980’s, Bleiweiss’ father worked as an art director for Penthouse magazine, under the tutelage of publisher Guccione.)

RANDOM ACTS: Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle and The Larry Sanders Show) partners with writer Andrea Abbate and Fox 21 on this half-hour single camera edgy action comedy about two female hit men looking for love in all the wrong places, while working for an eccentric and ruthless crime boss.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Half-hour single camera genre-bending comedy from Imagine, Fox 21 and Emmy-nominated writer Robert Borden (Late Show with David Letterman, George Lopez) that purports to be a blend of thriller, suspense, and humor which centers on a group of new hires at large software company who discover that they may not be management trainees after all.

GONZO: A one-hour drama from writer Michael Oates Palmer and Executive Producer Ann Blanchard about war journalists in the 1980s searching for a missing comrade in a 24/7-on-edge Central American country rattled by corruption, greed, and political intrigue.

MARGIN OF ERROR: A one-hour dramedy from director Amy Rice (By the People: The Election of Barack Obama) and writer D.V. DeVincentis, inspired by Rice’s work on the 2008 campaign trail. The show centers on a workaholic campaign strategist who launches a new political campaign every season.

PULP BROMANCE: A one-hour action/dramedy from Michael Davis (Shoot Em’ Up), Don Murphy, Susan Montford, and Fox Television Studios based on a book series about a buddy relationship between two assassins in the most dangerous city in the world.