UPDATE: Bill Prady left the following comment explaining his tweet:

Dear Deadline TV,

So, Kirith and I had just flown back into California from our vacation in Europe (about which I’d been tweeting), and the song “California, Here I Come” started going through my head.



Bill Prady.
Yep. It’s me.

So if Big Bang indeed moves to 8 PM, which is a possibility, Prady’s original tweet will sound prophetic but it doesn’t indicate inside information. He was just coming home. So there you have it.

PREVIOUS: The Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady may have jumpebig_bang_theoryd the gun on second major upfront news this season on his Twitter feed. Prady, who outed the pickup of Fox’s Ridealong a day before the network officially ordered Shawn Ryan’s cop drama, dropped what appears to be a hint about the future of Big Bang on Twitter this afternoon. “Everybody sing… ‘right back where we started from…’,” he wrote. The cryptic message is subject to interpretation but it could mean the show will be returning to 8 PM where it started off before moving behind Two And a Half Men this season. Is it a possible move on Monday or is CBS looking to make a big play outside of its signature comedy night by using its hottest comedy to anchor a new comedy block? Hmmm. We’re all singing… and waiting.