charliesheen4I hear his new deal with producing studio Warner Bros TV is for 2 years, matching the length of the actor’s contract with the length of CBS’ pickup for the show, and was just closed an hour ago. Thus ends one of those nailbiter negotations for a hit primetime sitcom, recalling Friends and Seinfeld. “To put a fitting end on the two and one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I’m looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights. I want to thank Les Moonves for his support.” — Charlie Sheen on signing his new Two And A Half Men contract.

Warner_Bros_TelevisionFigures thrown around before today pegged Sheen’s payday at possibly more than a million dollars per episode, including his piece of the backend, but not as high as the $1.5M-$2M being rumored on the Internet. His Season 7 take was around $900,000 per episode, backend included. Sixteen-year-old Angus T. Jones, the “half” on the sitcom, also was finalizing a deal with Warner Bros TV to continue on the hit comedy for 2 more seasons. Men is one season into a 3-year renewal from CBS. It was expected that deals wouldn’t close until right before the CBS upfront presentation.