More about the bubble pilots at CBS: cbslogosmaller.thumbnailI hear comedy Mad Love will not be getting a pickup, at least not at this moment, after it couldn’t secure actress Lizzy Caplan. As you may remember, I’ve been following the Lizzy Caplan saga surrounding this project. The actress, who’s on Starz’s Party Down and also has movie commitments, had agreed to do the pilot as a favor in a guest-starring capacity. Problem is, she played a lead and everyone, especially at the network, really liked her. Attempts ensued to pursuade Caplan to stay on as a regular, but no-go — so now the project is a no-go for the moment. I hear it could remain in midseason consideration, and a new pilot might be shot in the summer.

As for the two dramas remaining, Chaos and the Untitled John Wells Medical Drama, both seem still alive though there have been a lot of mixed signals on Chaos today. Rumor is CBS might make its midseason pickup(s) on Thursday, the day after its upfront presentation tomorrow.