Oscar-nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan, who wrote Frost/Nixon and The Queen as well as the Sony Pictures Classics’ release The Damned United, is staying with the Beeb for his next project. Three Sixty is pitched as a multi-stranded tale of love and sexual obsession.

BBC Films has also unveiled more films here in Cannes. Armando Iannucci, director of IFC’s In the Loop, is re-teaming with BBC Films for the comedy Out the Window, which he is writing with Will Smith and Roger Drew. Smith and Drew both wrote for Iannucci’s TV show The Thick of It.

And Abi Morgan, screenwriter of SPC release Brick Lane, is penning The Invisible Woman, based on Claire Tomalin’s award-winning biography of Charles Dickens’ secret mistress. Stewart Mackinnon of Headline Pictures is producing.

BBC Films has also boarded Simon Curtis’ My Week With Marilyn, about the time Monroe spent in England acting with Laurence Olivier. The Beeb is in final negotiations with The Weinstein Company to finance. Christine Langan, creative director of BBC Films, tells me she’s “not averse” to the idea of Hugh Jackman playing Olivier.

The BBC has $17 million a year to spend on its movie slate. On average it invests around $1.4 million per film in exchange for UK TV rights and a slug of equity. Langan says, “There’s lots of different audiences that we have to take care of, so we wear lots of different hats.”