Mick JaggerMick Jagger arrived in town to promote his Rolling Stones docu Stones In Exile and summed up his past and present life with the above quote. The hour-long film charts the making of the Stones classic Exile On Main Street. The BBC has already broadcast the documentary, while NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon showed clips last week. Jagger introduced the film in pantomime French. The singer said that sometimes he didn’t even recognise people in the footage unearthed from some 40 boxes of material kept in the Stones’ private archive. One 8-year-old boy who’d been used as a drugs mule by his dealer father had completely escaped his memory. Mick then played dumb during the press conference, claiming not to understand some questions. It’s bewildering why the highly intelligent Jagger who attended the London School Of Economics still likes to put himself across as so, well, stupid.