iron-man-2-domestic-theatrical-poster_304x445SUNDAY UPDATE: Early overseas estimates from Paramount have Iron Man 2 grossing just over $100 million from 53 markets. And some large territories haven’t even opened yet, like Germany, Japan,  and China. In local currencies, the film opened 25% ahead of the original Iron Man (despite the fact that in those two years both the British pound and  Euro have dropped significantly). IM1 opened at $99 million (that opening also included Germany). The largest opening was the UK ending the weekend with $12M including previews. Second was Korea at $11M. Third was Australia at $9M. Fourth was France at $8.5M. Clearly, this 2D Marvel comic book pic distributed by Paramount is gonna make a mint in the U.S. and Canada even without lifting an armored finger. Maybe $155M domestic its first 3-day weekend, or so rival studios predict. The original IM made $98.6M. Some expect IM2 to even break The Dark Knight‘s 3-day record of $158.4M.

SATURDAY: Here’s an update on international gross for Iron Man 2 which doesn’t open in North America until May 7th. The sequel added $23 million on Friday bringing its overseas total to $33 million as the Robert Downey Jr starrer directed by Jon Favreau rolled into 32 more territories today, or 6,450 theaters across 53 markets, which is 80% of the global take. Highlights were Mexico, which delivered the 4th best opening day there of all time, or $2.1M. 

FRIDAY: Iron Man 2 opened internationally Wednesday early so as not to get in the way of the monthlong World Cup begininng in South Africa on June 11th.) The pic immediately jumped to the top of the box office in 6 markets for a total $2.2 million.  In France, the Jon Favreau-directed campfest ran 11% ahead of 2008’s Iron Man bow there. On Thursday, Paramount continued its international rollout in 21 total countries (+17 markets) for a cume already of $10 million). Australia and Korea came in at $1.7 million (Down Under just ahead of where Spider-Man 3 opened in May 2007, and Russia $1.3 million, or 14% ahead of the Spidey threequel. Paramount rolls Iron Man 2 into 32 more territories today, or 6,450 theaters across 53 markets, which is 80% of international. China, Japan, Germany, Turkey, and India open over the next 4 weeks. The original Iron Man grossed $265 million internationally and $318.3 million domestically.

The online ticketseller Fandango reported Iron Man 2, which opens May 7th in North America, is a “Must See” by a 32% margin.