goatEXCLUSIVE: Just now, visitors to WME Entertainment headquarters were greeted by a goat wandering across the 3rd floor atrium (supposedly defecating everywhere). *UPDATE: Ari had the goat removed after it took a dump in the hallway.* One WME source tells me the animal was sent by Paramount because it wanted the Sacha Baron Cohen pitch which has gone out to 6 studios in 2 days and which Deadline wrote about first yesterday. (Sacha Baron Cohen Pitching Studios On Laugher With ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Trio)  My understanding is that there is a character in the movie that tends goats. “This is the reason why people are paying so much attention to this pitch. It’s a big straight ahead comedy and Sacha is starring in a really funny role.” I’ve been assured the goat “is being very well taken care of.”