From Deadline|London editor Tim Adler: Tribeca Films has picked up the British comedy The Infidel for the U.S., where it will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25th followed by a simultaneous platform release/VOD launch. Revolver’s taking the film out on more than 40 UK screens on April 9th. Salt Company, the sales agent, has sold the £1 million laugher to 13 other territories including France and Australia and all over the Middle East. But Israel doesn’t want the pic. Because it’s about a Muslim taxi driver who’s appalled to discover he’s really a Jew. How’s that going to play in NYC?

The Infidel starring Brit comedian Omid Djalili was written by David Baddiel, one of the UK’s cleverest comedians and a Jew himself. Producer Arvind Ethan David tells me, “Our big worry was having a fatwa declared, but instead Muslims love the film.” Djalili, whom I think is a very funny guy, will tour the Middle East trying to persuade censorship authorities to allow the film to be screened as is because movies that poke fun at the Muslim religion, or even touch on Jewish themes, are heavily censored or banned. I found the trailer (above) laugh out loud funny. See what you think.