cuban_mark050517Mark Cuban owns less than 2% of The Weinstein Co. He’s a lowly shareholder, not a board member. So who gives a flying fuck what he thinks or says about anything affecting the company? Only the moronic media. Suddenly today, reports claimed Cuban is going to block the Ron Burkle/Weinstein Brothers/Fortress-Colbeck hedge fund negotiation for Miramax underway now with Disney. Uh, how? Besides, everyone knows that Cuban’s real quarrel with the Weinsteins stems from the release of last year’s The Road. weinsteinlogo(Cuban wanted The Weinstein Co to go wide while Harv only platformed. Like that’s never happened before. But I happen to agree with Cuban on this.) Now, if The Weinstein Co’s bigtime creditors were speaking out against the Miramax pending deal, that would be a different matter. But they’re not. (Probably, because The Weinstein Co stands to make fees for distributing the Miramax library.) Besides, Cuban, when he said he was “having issues” with The Weinstein Co never specifically said anything about Miramax. Looks like the media got it wrong. Anyway, now The Weinstein Co has issued the following statement to members of the press to “clarify” the situation:

On behalf of The Weinstein Company and the Board of directors, I am going on record to say that we couldn’t be more excited about the possibility of The Weinstein Company being in business with Ron Burkle, Fortress and the possibility of an acquisition of Miramax. While no Miramax deal has been completed, we give our full support to Bob and Harvey in their efforts on behalf of the Weinstein Company in relation to Miramax.

Any board member who speaks to a member of the press is in violation of a confidentiality agreement and the Board will pursue that vigorously.

Mark Cuban is one of our shareholders who we admire greatly. He is not on the Board and it is our understanding that the issue he spoke to the press about is regarding the distribution of a movie he produced called The Road. The dispute is limited to the amount of theaters it played. We have been diligently working to rectify this situation. The Road is a movie that we are all proud of, and only wish it could have done better at the box office.

Very truly yours,
Richard Koenigsberg
Board Member, The Weinstein Company