Breaking News! 12 PM UPDATE: kick-ass_posterLast night and this morning, Paramount thought its DreamWorks Animation 3D toon How To Train Your Dragon came out on top for its 4th weekend in release. Nope. Just now, Lionsgate claimed victory for its North American 2D acquisition Kick-Ass, which already opened as the weekend’s most popular pic and now is also the top earner. It was a neck-and-neck box office race with director Matthew Vaughn making $19.8 million to edge past Jeffrey Katzenberg’s $19.6 million. Kick-Ass, which is based on the comic book, opened first on April 2nd in the UK and has made internationally $2.6M.

11 AM: Latest figures I’ve received claim DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 3D distributed by Paramount won by making $19.7 million on Sunday vs Lionsgate’s U.S. acquisition Kick-Ass $19.6 million. Considering there was only $250,000 separating the two pics going into Sunday, I think we all should wait until today’s weekend actuals. But it’s clear that the 2D film was the most popular even if it’s not the biggest Friday through Sunday moneymaker this weekend. Again, I’m thinking seriously about presenting two No. 1 winners every weekend.