Turner Broadcasting’s truTV on Tuesday for the first time held its own upfront presentation in New York. (Up until now, it had been sharing the stage with siblings TNT, TBS and TCM). The unscripted cable network unveiled a slew of projects in development from such producers as Tom Forman, Ashton Kutcher and Vin Di Bona.

  • VEGAS REPOA new show about repos in Las Vegas from Arietis and Intrigue, producers of truTV’s Operation Repo.
  • DISCLOSURE About Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy who have devoted their lives to examining secretive and undercover phenomena that the government, scientists and other officials refuse to discuss. Produced by FishBowl Worldwide Media, the newly formed shingle from Vin Di Bona and Bruce Gersh.
  • ROGUE SOCIETY (working title) – A hidden-camera show exposing bigots, jerks and scam artists through hilarious pranks.  Produced by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment .
  • AMERICA’S TOUGHEST BOSS (working title) – Meet Willie Degel, owner of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse and one of the strictest leaders in America.  He spies on employees, concocts elaborate ways to test them and isn’t afraid to fire someone on the spot.  Comes from RelativityREAL and Tom Forman, creator of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  • THE NAKED OFFICE –Uses an unorthodox form of very revealing group therapy to rebuild broken spirits.  Produced by Reveille.
  • EXPOSED! (working title) –In the spirit of Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg’s Katalyst takes their brand of edgy, disruptive comedy programming to another level with this top-secret comedy that takes it all off in front of unsuspecting people, in the name of a unique social experiment.
  • LIMO BOB – About Limo Bob, the larger-than-life owner of the biggest, most outrageous fleet of limos in Chicago. Comes from Brainbox Entertainment (Food Detectives).
  • MA’S ROADHOUSE (working title) – Chronicles the goings-on at a motorcycle shop, bar and tattoo parlor, all owned and operated by Rick Fairless, his mom, his wife and their kids.  From AMS Pictures (Girl Meets Gown).

TruTV’s returning series include Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Full Throttle Saloon, Black Gold, Las Vegas Jailhouse and Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.