todd_phillips_02-200x300Looks like Todd Phillips and Joel Silver were serious about their intention to populate their under-the-radar Warner Bros comedy Project X with a cast of unknowns. They’ve set up the website, looking for 18-ish actors to submit taped auditions for a raunchy $12 million budget comedy that will be helmed by British video/commercials director Nima Nourizadeh, with Phillips producing and Silver executive producer. As a director, Phillips has helped create stars with comedies like The Hangover, Old School and Road Trip, but there, he gave a showcase to established actors who needed a nudge. I will still be amazed if he and Silver have the stones to cast complete unknowns for the lead roles of a studio comedy. Phillips’ Green Hat Films and Silver Pictures execs have been developing a script last fall, written by Matt Drake from a treatment by Michael Bacall.

Todd Phillips, Joel Silver Plan To Tap Unknowns For Mystery Laugher For `Project X’