SUNDAY PM: Rival studios are chortling to me tonight how the “Fox forecast was way way off” of $7.1M for Date Night‘s Sunday take — and how Warner Bros’ Clash Of The Titans was “easily” #1 money-wise by more than a million. According to early box office results for today, it looks like Clash Of the Titans took in $7.5M Sunday for a $27M weekend total whereas Date Night made $5.6M Sunday for a $25.5M weekend total. Uh, that’s no photo finish; that’s a $1.5M lead — thanks to higher 3D ticket prices and almost 500 more play dates.

UPDATES 3D VS COMEDY TOO CLOSE TO CALL: Carell-Fey’s ‘Date Night’ #1 Most Popular Pic But ‘Clash Of The Titans’ May Win 2nd Week Money-Wise; Sunday Will Decide It