esq-parker-and-stone-lg-7683329It’s milestone time for South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Below is a video taste of tomorrow night’s 200th episode. They are set to make their Broadway debut in March on The Book Of Mormon, a stage musical. Parker and Stone wrote the book and music with Avenue Q’s Bobby Lopez and Parker will direct with Avenue Q’s Jason Moore. Scott Rudin is producing with Anne Garefino. The Broadway move comes as Comedy Central prepares to air the 200th episode of their irreverent comedy series.

The musical deals with two wide-eyed Mormon boys who go on a two-year mission to Third World countries and underprivileged communities, where they try to convert people to join the Mormon faith. After watching them lacerate scores of notable celebrity and faith–every star skewered in the 14 seasons of South Park appear in tomorrow’s 200th episode–my instinct is to fear for the Mormon faithful. Insiders describe the musical as highly subversive and satiric, but with a generous spirit. The theater hasn’t yet been named, but financing is in place and the musical is fully formed after being run through three workshops.

Rudin was producer and Garefino was executive producer on the 2004 feature Team America: World Police, the puppet film that was written by the South Park duo and directed by Parker. While they were making the film, Rudin suggested that Parker and Stone see Avenue Q, the Tony-winning musical that is also done with puppets. The South Park duo stayed in touch with Lopez and Moore and that led to them collaborating on the Broadway-bound musical.

Though they are new to Broadway, Parker and Stone are no strangers to musicals.  Their 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, featured n Oscar-nominated song, and the film was such a hit with the New York Film Critics Circle that it established its first award for an animated film to honor the picture. The musical is expected to be one of Broadway’s highest profile openings for the 2010-2011 season, and it comes as South Park moves into its 15th season on Comedy Central. Below is teaser for tomorrow night’s 200th episode: