rich ross disneyIt’s on the Disney lot… And still continuing… So far, there’s no news being made by the Walt Disney Studios, save for the fact that Disney is planning a tribute to Jerry Bruckheimer around the May 28th date that his Prince Of Persia will be released. (Bruckheimer also has The Sorcerers’s Apprentice coming out this summer for the studio.) But, after 7 months in the job, Rich Ross has yet to announce a single greenlighted pic. Maybe he’ll reveal one or more today? Because the slate of upcoming movies he’s talking about all were developed by his predecessor Dick Cook with Oren Aviv… With Pixar and Bruckheimer and DreamWorks and Marvel, Ross anticipates releasing 14 to 16 pictures a year… DreamWorks will be released through Touchstone… About Marvel, Ross said, “Our job is to make Marvel be the Marvel it can be…” And, overall, “We have a Dream Team of players and then my role to make sure everyone is talking to each other.”

Here is the slate in development or production which Ross outlined today to follow Prince Of Persia (May 28) and Toy Story 3 (June 18) and Sorcerer’s Apprentice (July 16)… Some fall films he didn’t mention at all… But he noted that Secretariat‘s great grandson will be playing the famed thoroughbred in the pic opening October 8th… He said the holiday toon Tangled, the updated Rapunzel tale voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, was “fun with lots of humor and big adventure”… He showed an unfinished trailer for 3D Tron

For 2011, Ross noted the next Bob Zemeckis film, Winnie The Pooh, and Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 which goes into production in 6 weeks’ time introducing Johnnie Depp’s new love interest Penelope Cruz. It’ been shooting in London and Hawaii. Next up, Marvel’s Captain America which will be distributed by Paramount. Then Ross talked about “targeted tentpoles” because they’re not 4-quadrant movies, like Prom, which he claimed harkened back to those old “John Hughes and Cameron Crowe honest and authentic comedies and dramas”
, and is slated for Fall 2011. he said the next Muppets movie will introduce the new  character Walter which is in “felt and fur rehab right now as we build him”. MORE