Producer Guild of America members were notified today of upcoming election nominations for open national officer and delegate seats.

pga logoMembers of the Producers Guild are divided into three councils: The Producers Council, the Associate Producers (AP) Council and the New Media Council. Each of these councils is governed by a 24-member Board of Delegates. Each Council Board of Delegates subsequently elects a proportion of its members to serve on the Guild’s 24-member National Board of Directors. The general council membership elects its delegates—who are nominated by a council nominating committee, or else self-nominated via petition—and the elected delegates then determine who among their number will serve on the National Board.

The National Board is led by its officers: President; Vice President of Motion Pictures; Vice President of Television; Treasurer; Recording Secretary. The Chairs of the AP Council Board of Delegates and New Media Council Board of Delegates (each elected internally by the delegates) also serve as Vice Presidents, as does the Chair of the PGA East region

Below are the national officer nominees for the 2010 PGA Elections:

The following members have been nominated by the Producers Council and joint-Council nominating committees to serve as officers:

Co-Presidents: Mark Gordon, Hawk Koch

Vice President, Motion Pictures: Gary Lucchesi

Vice President, Television: Hayma “Screech” Washington

Treasurer: R.J. Hume, Rachel Klein, Stephen Marinaccio, Michael Palmieri, Lauren Shuler Donner

There are other delegate nominees for each of the three councils: Producers Council, Associate Producers Council and New Media Council (if you want to publish all of these names, please let me know, I will send them under separate cover).

The timeline for 2010 PGA national elections is below:

Thursday, May 6th — Deadline for nominating candidates-by-petition, and for all candidates to submit final candidate statements.

Monday, May 10th — Ballots made available online to all active members in good standing.

Thursday, June 3rd – Balloting closes.

Friday Evening, June 4th — Election results announced at the annual General Membership Meeting, which will further serve as the official opening of the Produced By Conference 2010. This year’s General Membership Meeting will be held at The Culver Studios in Culver City. We hope that all members will attend.


Q: How long is a delegate’s term ?

A: Typically, three (3) years. The Guild is presently completing a transition mandated by a constitutional amendment in 2008 which phased out “alternate” delegates (who served one-year terms) in favor of making all delegate terms three years. If a delegate is elected by her or his peers to serve on the National Board, she or he enjoys such service for the duration of her or his term. This year, eight delegates from each council will be elected to three-year terms, while two other delegates will be elected to one-year terms, so as to maintain the Boards of Delegates at the constitutionally-required 24 members.

Delegates are elected only to fill open seats on the Boards. Following the completion of a delegate’s three-year term, she or he is welcome to stand for re-election (assuming a nomination by the nominating committee or via petition). However, after six consecutive years as a delegate, a member is “termed out,” and cannot serve as a delegate in the following year. (She or he may, however, elect to run and serve as an officer, and may once again serve as a delegate following a one-year hiatus.)

Q: How were the nominating committees selected?

A: The leaders of the nominating committees were selected by the Chairs of the three Councils: Marshall Herskovitz (Producers Council), Kimberly Austin (AP Council) and Alison Savitch (New Media Council). The Nominating Committee Leaders and the Council Chairs then selected the members of their Committees, who were subsequently approved by their respective Council Boards of Delegates. To prevent stagnant representation and leadership, the PGA Constitution requires that of the nine members of each Nominating Committee, no more than three can be current Board members or Officers.

Q: How were nominations for officers determined?

A: Nominees for the offices of (Co-)President and the Vice Presidents of Motion Pictures and Television were determined by the Producers Council nominating committee. Nominees for the office of Treasurer were determined by a special joint-council nominating committee composed of five (5) members from each of the councils.

Q: Who are the members of the joint-council nominating committee that selected the nominees for Treasurer?

A: Fred Baron, Iyan Bruce, Jerome Calimeri, Shoshanna Ezra, James Fino, Christina Lee Storm, Michael Manheim, Mark Marabella, Dianne Martinez, Tim Micsko, Erin O’Malley, Trilby Schreiber, Deb Spera, Paul Waterman.

Q: Has the Guild ever had a set of Co-Presidents before?

A: In fact, yes. From 2001 – 2002, following the PGA’s merger with the American Association of Producers, the Guild was overseen by Kathleen Kennedy and Tim Gibbons as Co-Presidents. This does mark the first time the nominating committee has selected a pair of members to stand for election as Co-Presidents.

Q: Why is there only one nominee (or set of co-nominees) for President and Vice President, but five nominees for Treasurer?

A: Simply put, the joint-council nominating committee received interest in the office from a wide range of qualified candidates. While the committee could have chosen to nominate only one of those individuals, in light of the excellent qualifications of each of the members, the committee opted to place all five candidates before the membership.

Q: Is there an office for Secretary?

A: In accordance with the Constitution, the office of Recording Secretary is a position appointed by the Board of Directors during the first meeting of its term. The Guild’s current Recording Secretary is Gale Anne Hurd.

Q: What were the criteria used by the nominating committees in their selections for nominees for the Board of Delegates?

A: The nominating committees based their selections for the Board of Delegates on three principal criteria:

1. Breadth of proportional representation across genres of film, television and new media production.

2. Balance continuity with change by re-nominating some Board members whose terms have expired, while also re-energizing the Board with new members.

3. Ensure as much leverage as possible in the Guild’s ongoing dialogues with the AMPTP, networks, and other guilds.

Q: What determines who wins?

A: All Guild members cast votes for officers. Regarding the Boards of Delegates, all Producers Council and New Media Council members vote within their respective Councils. AP Council members vote within their specific category within the AP Council. For each Board of Delegates, ten seats are available; the eight candidates receiving the most votes will earn three-year seats, while the next two highest vote-getters will serve one-year terms.

Q: Where can I read statements from the candidates?

A: This year, all candidate statements will be made available online with the ballot. In years past, the Guild also published candidate statements in The Networker. This year, as part of the PGA Green Initiative, we have elected to discontinue this practice, opting not to print thousands of pages which merely duplicate information that can also be found online.