sheenWarner Bros and CBS think it’s just a negotiating ploy because his contract ends this season, which is the hit sitcom’s 7th year. But Warner Bros has a contract with CBS that goes for another 2 years. And neither the studio nor the network want the consistent Top 10 (and often Top 5) rated show to lose its bad boy star or go off the air. So Charlie Sheen is sitting in the proverbial catbird seat — if he wants to continue on Two And A Half Men. Which today is a big if. People broke the story today that Sheen is telling friends he’s “just done” and won’t do another season on the show. “Charlie is aware of what the friends said about him, and he hasn’t called his publicist to deny it,” an insider tells me. “But this has to reach some resolution soon or else the show is ‘One And A Half Men'”.

“This was news to us,” a CBS source tells me. “He has been negotiating a new deal with Warner Bros which produces the show. But, he hasn’t quit to the studio or the producers. So, this very well could be a negotiating tactic.” Inside Warner Bros, the bigwigs there think it’s all negotiation, too. I’m told that Warner Bros last month put a “nice offer” on the table for Sheen to continue for another 2 years: more than $1 million per episode. He’s already the highest paid actor per episode on television but he has no equity position in the show. On the other hand, Warner Bros sealed a fat syndication deal with FX that starts in September. So no one has to take up a collection for Charlie if he quits the show this month.

Sheen has been shooting Two And A Half Men even though he checked into Malibu Promises for rehab on February 24th and remains there even now. Tonight, Sheen et al are completing the series’ 21st episode and are contractually supposed to do 24 total to finish out this season. “But if everyone agrees to do 22 episodes, then that’s it,” the insider told me. Meanwhile, Charlie gets out of rehab next week.

By the way, remember when WME and Sheen last October parted ways after he asked his entire entertainment team to cut commissions, and the actor was supposedly heading to CAA? He never landed.