icecube3Ice Cube, who just premiered his documentary Straight Outta L.A. at the Tribeca Film Festival, is returning to Hollywood for a drama that’s straight out of the headlines in L.A. Cube will star with Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster in Rampart, the James Ellroy-scripted drama about police corruption that will be directed this summer by Oren Moverman. It’s Moverman’s followup to his directorial debut The Messenger, the film that starred Harrelson and Foster, and got Moverman an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

Cube will play a homicide detective sent to investigate a dirty cop (Harrelson) in a drama that is squarely based on the scandal involving crooked Los Angeles cops in the 1990s. Aside from Straight Outta L.A. (which premieres on ESPN May 11), Cube and his Cube Vision partner Matt Alvarez produced Lottery Ticket, the Alcon Entertainment Warner Bros comedy that opens August 20, and with Ali LeRoy and Joe Roth they are exec producers of Are We There Yet?, a series that bows on TBS June 2. If the movie spinoff reaches a certain ratings threshold over the first 10 episodes, TBS will pick up another 90 episodes. UTA and Prospect Park rep Cube.