Noel ClarkeIcon Film Distribution UK, whose owner Len Blavatnik put a bid in for MGM, has signed Noel Clarke to an exclusive deal. Clarke, best known to BBC America viewers as Doctor Who companion Mickey, wrote the urban movie Kidulthood about life on an inner city estate, and then directed and wrote its Adulthood sequel. Icon UK has the option to finance, sell and distribute everything Clarke is in either as actor, director, or producer. It’s also taken a small equity stake in his production company, Unstoppable Entertainment.

Clarke is expected to put one or two films a year in the $5-10 million range through the deal. These could include what sounds like the 3rd part of the ‘Hood trilogy; Fast Girls, a sports film set during London’s 2012 Olympics; and Reign of Death, a science-fiction film noir about a gumshoe investigating murder by android (sounds a lot like Blade Runner meets I Robot to me). Icon’s sales arm is handling Clarke’s latest feature Clarke has written, directed, produced and stars in this heist movie, which Universal/The Works is releasing here in June.

Josh Varney of Independent Talent Group brokered the deal for Clarke with Stewart Till, CEO of the Icon UK group, Icon Film Distribution president Hugo Grumbar, and Clarke himself.

What’s refreshing about Clarke is that he’s done it all himself. Like The Dark Knight-director Chris Nolan, he seems to have sidestepped Wardour Street completely. No hanging out at the right parties for him, waiting to be discovered. As my old ma used to say, the world’s divided into those who talk about what they’re going to do, and those who actually do it.