CAAlogoYes, the agents are leaving their Century City marble mausoleum for Ojai starting tomorrow because it’s retreat time. For the next few days, the scheduled speakers include tennis star Andre Agassi (who can give a how-to lecture about lying to the public to cover up a year’s worth of crystal meth addiction), Universal Studios COO/president Ron Meyer (who can provide a blow-by-blow account about making a year of money-losing movies), and Tom Cruise (who can discuss what it’s like to disappear into the witness protection program after losing his career and his studio). But if CAA truly wished to look inward, it would ask one of its own male agents — maybe Mike Nilon? — to discuss the pitfalls of dating actresses. The toppers at this agency have a history of coupling with clients (Bryan Lourd and Carrie Fisher, Richard Lovett and Kristy Swanson). And now it’s considered acceptable behavior at CAA given the openness of current relationships between John Campisi and Hilary Swank, and Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon. Mixing business and romance can be a dangerous combination in Hollywood — not to mention a messy lawsuit.