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Los Angeles and New York, (March 13, 2010) – Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors today approved 78 percent to 22 percent a joint bargaining agreement with American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) for the negotiation of successor agreements for the contracts covering theatrical motion pictures and primetime dramatic television. The AFTRA National Board of Directors previously approved joint bargaining at its meeting February 27, 2010.
The motion was approved and reads:
“It was moved and seconded that the National Board of Directors approves the Joint Bargaining Agreement for the Television/Theatrical Contracts and instructs staff and counsel to finalize the language of the Agreement substantially in the form presented.”
Screen Actors Guild President Ken Howard said, “I applaud the Board’s action. Bargaining together is a smart decision and voting up this agreement clearly serves the best interests of all SAG members. I’m grateful to the Board and look forward to working with our partners at AFTRA toward a successful negotiation.”
“This is a positive step that delivers a significant benefit to our members. There is no disputing that we are stronger together and joint negotiation of these contracts makes sense for both our organizations,” said Guild National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator David White.
SAG and AFTRA representatives will meet in the coming days to finalize and execute the joint bargaining agreement. The agreement largely tracks the agreement used for the successful 2009 joint negotiation of the commercials contracts and includes the provisions of the existing AFL-CIO facilitated No Raiding/Non-Disparagement agreement between Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA.


The Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors met today in videoconference plenary in Los Angeles and New York.