roof 2Writing reams of Oscar dish these past weeks has gotten me properly pumped up for Sunday’s broadcast. But it is slowly dawning on me that, because I am a Cablevision customer, I might not be able to watch the Academy Awards in my home. My colleague Nikki Finke will update you on the fight between Cablevision and Disney-owned WABC-TV, but I don’t much care who’s right and who’s wrong. Why am I banned from the Oscars? What am I, Nicolas Chartier?

As a New Yorker, I only need TV programming to be reliable a handful of times: The Super Bowl… Yankees and Giants games… And the Oscars. Must I canvas the neighborhood for a satellite dish on the roof, and make friends with that homeowner? Or go to Radio Shack, buy one of those awful antennas, and risk life and limb climbing on my own home’s  roof again after finally removing the Xmas decorations a week ago?

I hope the louts at Disney and Cablevision settle this soon. Because if I have to experience Sunday’s Oscars solely through Nikki’s annual liveblogging with its subversive and cynical observations, my dispatches Monday will be filled with a level of snark that won’t be good for anybody.