bill_nighyWME and CAA have really gone to the mattresses. In the latest moves, WME signed actor Bill Nighy from CAA, and CAA signed WME-repped Barry Manilow. Nighy has headlined the Underworld films, played the squid-faced Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, and turned in a memorable performance in Love Actually. But if you haven’t seen his portrayal of the newspaper editor in the incredible British miniseries State of Play, you haven’t seen Nighy’s best. BarryManilowJpg

On the other side of the ledger, CAA signed Barry Manilow, the singer/songwriter and Las Vegas fixture who recently moved from the Hilton to Paris Las Vegas. This follows weeks of back forth with much larger clients moving from one agency to the other. The incessant pillaging between the powerhouse agencies has every agent in both shops on high alert. The good thing is, they are all working harder to make sure clients don’t feel neglected.

WME also signed screenwriter Jonah Nolan, who hatched the Memento story that launched the incredible career of director brother Chris, with whom he often collaborates. Nolan, who also has Interstellar with Steven Spielberg, was repped at UTA.