I’ve returned from two weeks of travel. And I’m amused how some showbiz websites getting the shit kicked out of them by Deadline want me gone permanently (preferably feet first). But wishing doesn’t make it so. And rumor-mongering won’t help either. The fact is that Deadline’s surprising editorial and financial success opens up a lot of opportunities almost daily. For instance, in early December 2009, the new owners of The Hollywood Reporter approached me about becoming the trade’s new editor-in-chief. In late mid January 2010, they made me a very lucrative financial offer. Instead of negotiating, I set in motion a dialogue about whether there’s some mutually beneficial business between my parent company MMC and the new THR owners. That discussion continues without any direct involvement by me. Because I have little interest in being a businesswoman: I am a journalist. Therefore I am, and will remain, the general manager and editor in chief of Deadline as well as the founder and editor in chief of Deadline Hollywood. Sorry, but you’re stuck with me.