Upstart distributor Phase 4 Films has given a home to controversial German filmmaker Uwe Boll. Phase 4 has acquired North American rights to three Boll films that include Darfur, the genre filmmaker’s departure into serious subject matter. Billy Zane, Edward Furlong, and Kristanna Loken play journalists in Sudan who see gunmen approaching a village and must decide whether to cover an atrocity or prevent it.

Phase 4’s Barry Meyerowitz promises a summer theatrical release for Darfur, will release the action film The Final Storm on DVD in April, and is still deciding on the horror thriller Rampage. Boll makes genre and vidgame adaptations that are often derided by online critics. A quick web search shows a Wikipedia bio that anoints him a modern day Ed Wood, and a petition urging him to stop making films that apparently has 353,445 signatures. Boll doesn’t suffer these barbs in silence. He has challenged his harshest critics to fistfights. and reportedly beat up five of them in the boxing ring.