EXCLUSIVE: Sunday’s Oscar viewing party for The Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier has officially become a hot ticket. I’m told the bash had to be relocated to the Malibu home of reality TV/film producer Mike Fleiss, when the guest list tripled. 300 are now expected to attend or stop by.

chartier-nicolas Fleiss is co-hosting the bash with WME Global chief Graham Taylor and his wife Lynnette Howell, the producer of Blue Valentine and Half Nelson.

Bachelor-MikeFleissWhen Chartier learned he’d been banished from attending the Oscars as punishment for writing and dispersing an anti-Avatar memo, he accepted an offer made days earlier by Taylor and Howell to throw an informal French-themed viewing party in his honor. After Deadline Hollywood revealed the plan, Taylor and Howell received hundreds of calls and e-mails from sympathizers who wanted to attend. Many offered supplies and  alternate venues.

Taylor and Howell accepted the proposal from The Bachelor creator. Mindful that his  feature producing resume consists of two Hostel installments and the remakes Poseidon and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Fleiss said, “This might be as close as I ever get to the Oscars. Let’s do it.”