chartier-nicolasSo what did Chartier do when The Hurt Locker took Best Picture last night? “Nicolas was pretty gobsmacked when the film won,” producer Lynette Howell told me. “He stayed in his seat while everyone else erupted, and then he just started jumping up and down, before standing up on this little white stool to give his speech. He listened as Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal and Greg Shapiro gave their speeches on the screen behind him. Nicolas was then able to give his speech, one that was much longer than the 45 seconds he would have gotten.” (See video below.)

Chartier watched the Oscars at that viewing party which Howell, and WME Global chief Graham Taylor, and Mike Fleiss hosted in Malibu for the Hurt Locker financier. It was organized when Chartier, the Voltage Pictures partner, was banned from the Academy Awards show for his inflammatory mass-email. Fleiss offered his home after I revealed the party and the guest list swelled over 400. “The atmosphere was incredible. People drove an hour to support him,” Howell told me.

Chartier remained for 90 minutes after his win before changing from jeans into a tuxedo and heading off to the Vanity Fair party and other fetes. Most of the costs of the bash were incurred by Fleiss. He and Taylor ended the night talking about making it an annual event.