From Deadline|London editor Tim Adler: Piers Morgan, one of the judges on America’s Got Talent, has compiled his list of the top 100 UK celebrities. It’s clearly a case of the Mail On Sunday aping the Sunday Times’ influential Rich List. Except with showbiz names. And guess who Morgan has voted the biggest UK celebrity in the world? Why, none other than his boss Simon Cowell. Guess he knows which side his bread is buttered.

Morgan, who over here presents ITV’s top-rated chat show, edited the tabloid Daily Mirror and was showbiz editor of Murdoch’s The Sun. I won’t repeat the several bags of manure he pours over the celebrities he’s listing. What’s more interesting are the celebs he’s left out. No Christian Bale? No Sir Ian McKellen? No Sting? Anyway, here are the names most relevant to Hollywood:

1.  Simon Cowell (TV show judge)
2.  David Beckham (Footballer)
6.  Robert Pattinson (Actor)
7.  Sir Paul McCartney (Musician)
8.  Kate Moss (Model)
11. Jamie Oliver (TV cook)
12. Dame Helen Mirren (Actress)
15. Victoria Beckham (Fashion designer)
16. Keira Knightley (Actress)
18. Daniel Craig (Actor)
21. Sir Elton John (Musician)
26. Sacha Baron Cohen (Comedian)
27. Russell Brand (Comedian)
38. Kate Winslet (Actress)
42. Hugh Laurie (Actor)
44. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (Musicians)
47. Clive Owen (Actor)
49. Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
51. Ricky Gervais (Comedian)
52. Hugh Grant (Actor)
54. Gordon Ramsay (TV cook)
55. Sharon Osborne and Ozzy Osborne (TV show judge and musician)
56. Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor)
58. Sir Michael Caine (Actor)
61. Lord Lloyd Webber (Musician)
62. Daniel Radcliffe (Actor)
63. Emma Watson (Actress)
64. Nigella Lawson (TV cook)
65. Dame Judi Dench (Actress)
70. Jason Statham (Actor)
72. Rowan Atkinson (Comedian)
75. Colin Firth (Actor)
77. David Bowie (Musician)
78. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Actress)
79. Michael Sheen (Actor)
80. Eddie Izzard (Comedian)
81. Jude Law (Actor)
84. George Michael (Musician)
86. David Tennant (Actor)
87. Kate Beckinsale (Actress)
88. Kenneth Branagh (Actor)
89. Rod Stewart (Singer)
90. Naomi Campbell (Model)
95. Sienna Miller (Actress)