The spec script market continues to show green shoots in 2010. ICM just told me that writers Sonny Lee and Patrick Walsh, who left CAA for ICM last week, preemptively sold a spec script to Paramount with Montecito and Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg producing. Sonny and Pat have spent the last three years on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and have sold pilots to FBC and ABC. This is the duo’s first spec script. Based on an idea by Hurwitz and Schlossberg, 21 Shots centers around a guy who, on his 21st birthday, loses his I.D. and needs to track it down over over the course of one day. Montecito bought the spec preemptively through their Paramount discretionary fund. Hurwitz & Schlossberg are managed by Paul Young and repped by CAA.