UPDATES Oscar Spoilers, Part 1

john-hughesThe death of John Hughes last year touched Hollywood in a way that only a very small number of talent can. In addition, Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Tom Sherak and Oscarcast producer Bill Mechanic both worked with Hughes. As did this year’s hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. So there was no way because of these personal connections they’d relegate him to just a brief clip within the usual montage of people who’ve passed. (Not that the other dead people didn’t deserve their own tributes, too.) Instead, the Oscars are planning a separate and special tribute to the writer-director-producer, complete with film and cast members. Steve Martin, of course, did the classic Planes Trains & Automobiles with Hughes, while Baldwin made the less well received She’s Having A Baby. But I’m surprised that Alec has such fond memories. Years ago I did an interview with Baldwin, and he railed against Hughes for cutting most of his storyline from that pic. But time heals all wounds, I guess.